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At Northbrook Bank & Trust Company, we’re here to provide you with financial solutions for all your lending needs. Whether you are looking for a loan, mortgage, or line of credit, our knowledgeable and experienced lending team will explain our lending options to you in a straightforward manner.

Unlike big banks, at Northbrook Bank & Trust Company we’re proud to make all lending decisions here in Northbrook, Buffalo Grove, Northfield, Deerfield and Glenview. Since our decision-makers work in the bank each day, they’ll review your loan application and respond in a timely manner. Our goal is to make getting a loan an easy and stress-free process!

Some of our loan products include:

Overdraft Protection

Our Overdraft Protection Account allows you to cover the unexpected opportunity or the occasional overdraft.

•    Fixed interest rates
•    Flexible line amounts
•    Requires credit approval

Call (847) 418-2800 for more information or talk to one of your friendly personal bankers at your nearest Wintrust Community bank


Auto Loans

Products & Programs

  • Flexible terms
  • Quick turnaround
  • Competitive rates
  • New or used vehicles

Please download our automobile loan application form, fill it out completely and mail, fax (847) 418-2828 or drop it off at the bank.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Construction Loans

From lot financing to construction loans to the end mortgages, we can help you get competitive rates in the marketplace. We also provide superior service to ensure that you are completely satisfied. Here is a summary of our Construction Financing programs:


Lot Financing Program 

  • Various alternatives available depending on collateral. 
  • Interest Rate—Your interest rate will reflect the loan structure that you choose based on collateral. Please see the bank for rate and disclosure information.
  • Term—We will be flexible with your loan term needs.
  • Principal—We will bill you at maturity for the loan's principal. You can, however, pre-pay the principal without penalty, at any time.
  • Contact Loan officer for further details.


Construction Financing Program 

  • Various alternatives available depending on collateral.
  • Interest Rate—Your interest rate will be driven by the financing option you choose. We assure you that our interest rates are competitive. Please see the bank for rate and disclosure information.
  • Fees—There will be a title company lien waiver exam fee (this protects you and us from contractor liens), an appraisal fee, and customary recording costs. Other fees may apply.
  • Term—We will structure your loan term to meet the timing needs of your particular project.
  • Contact a Loan officer for further details.


End Mortgage Loan 

Your home is a significant investment. Mortgage choices are dizzying these days. We want you to feel comfortable with your home financing arrangement. Our end mortgage loan alternatives are designed to meet your individual financial situation. For more information contact our Residential Mortgage Lender.

For further information on Lot Financing and Construction Financing, please contact one of our community bank lenders at (847) 418-2800.

Contact Us


If you’re in the market for a loan, we encourage you to give us a call at (847) 418-2800 or stop by the bank to meet with our lending team at any of our locations. If you prefer to communicate electronically, please fill out this contact form, and a bank representative will get in touch with you shortly.  At Northbrook Bank & Trust Company, we understand the local market and we care about our customers financial well-being!